Special Talent Visa EB1

Than you can obtain an approval for Green Card (residence permit) for yourself and your family at the American Embassy in Moscow without leaving Russia. After entering the USA, you will receive a Green Card for each member of your family during 45-70 days.

Obtaining an Approval for Green Card

(Residence permit) of the US at the US Embassy in Moscow without leaving Russia. Obtaining Green Cards for all family member in 45-70 days after arriving in the US.

The US immigration policy is aimed on attracting the best specialists from all over the world. Professionals with extraordinary talents and high achievements in their field of activity have the right to obtain an immigrant visa EB-1A in the embassy in the USA in Moscow.

After your EB-1A visa petition is approved, you have the right to apply to the US Embassy for an immigrant visa, which allows to enter to United States as a permanent resident. If your immigrant visa is granted, the consular officer will stamp an immigrant visa in your passport and give you a packet of information. This packet is known as a “Visa Packet.” You should not open this packet. Upon your arrival to the United States, you should give your Visa Packet to the Customs and Border Protection officer at the port of entry. You will be inspected by a Customs and Border Protection officer and if found admissible, will be admitted as a permanent resident of the United States, which gives you the authority to live and work in the United States permanently. You and your family members receive Green Card in 45 days after arrival to USA.

What is the probability of obtaining an EB-1A visa?

In different years, the STATISTICS approval rate is from 47% to 62%, and for Outstanding Professors and Researchers 90% -95%. Among the applicants there was a number of those, who did not hire an immigration lawyer. Accordingly, on average, the chances of obtaining a visa with the help of a good immigration lawyer are substantially more than 47-62%.

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How long will it take to prepare and review the documents?

Preparing of the first application for the EB-1A visa takes about 30 days, depending on the volume of documents and translations. Processing of the EB-1A visa application, if you use Premium Processing Service ($1,225), takes 15 days.

After EB-1A visa is granted, an application to adjust the status to Green Card is being prepared within 14 days. The period for processing the application for status change starts from 6 months. The average time for such applications is not published officially. Thus, the approximate period from the beginning of the preparing documents will be from 8 months, if you use Premium Processing Service.

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Procedures for filing petitions for EB-1A Visa and Green Card

After you have signed a retainer agreement to represent your interests and paid the Attorneys fees, costs of the services, we will start preparing your application for the EB-1A visa. You will provide us with all information and all available documents in Russian. We analyze them and form recommendations. The procedure consist of 3 stages.

Applying for EB-1A Visa from Moscow

Your application will be sent to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. It will be reviewed in 15 days (if you use Premium Processing Service for $1,225).

We will inform you immediately when we receive an answer.An answer can be approval, denial or a request for further evidence. If an answer is approval, you and your family members will need to pass a medical exam at a certified medical facility and pass fingerprints.

Obtaining the Immigrant Visa

After your petition is approved, your case will be sent to National Visa Center (NVC). NVC is in charge of handling the cases processed through the US consulates and Embassies. During this part, we will prepare all forms and documents required by NVC and send the package to them. After the documents are received, an interview will be scheduled for you and your family members. An interview will take place in the US Embassy in Moscow or in one of the Consulate under the US Embassy.

Arriving to the US and obtaining Green Card

If your immigrant application is approved, you and your family automatically receive Green Cards in the USA within 45-70 days.

Our Services are Efficient and cost-efficient

Our Services are Efficient and cost -efficient

We regularly represent clients in front of U.S. Immigration Judges, U.S. embassies and consulates, the U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Board of Immigration Appeals and Board of Alien Labor Certification Appeals.

We provide our clients the support they need to get through the complex legal system in an efficient and cost-efficient manner so that they can focus on the other areas of their lives. We take a personal and attentive approach to resolving your case fast.

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